2.7.2020 | LENGHT 53:21 

The first episode is a curatorial photobook realized by Marta Oliva with the contributions of Glauco Canalis, Gaia Ceresi, Alessandro Furchino Capria, Martina Giammaria, Francesca Lucchitta, Lorenzo Marzi, Camilla Rigo Langé, Marco Rigoni, Valentino Russo, Andrea Segato, Jacopo Valentini, Marta Valpiana, Luca Zambelli.

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Gianni Gebbia, Vedersi passare le cose attorno – Gianni Gebbia (Utopia Records Inc) 2020 | Vito Ricci, Riverflows (Electronic) – I Was Crossing a Bridge (Music From Memory) 2015 | Jan Schulte, Om Buschman Tropical Drums Of Deutschland (Music for Dreams) 2017 | Salvatore Sciarrino, Scena Terza / Come Tutto E Bianco – Lohengrin (Ricordi) 1982 | Yoshio Ojima, Sealed – Oto No Wa: Selected Sounds of Japan 1988 - 2018 (Music for Dreams) 2020 | Lee Evans, Senoi Dream Theory – Aphasic Forest 2020 | Upper Astral, Manifestation – Manifestation (Valley of The Sun) 1981 | Charlemagne Palestine, One + Two + Three Fifths (Alga Marghen) 2013 | Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe* & Ariel Kalma, Wasp Happening – We Know Each Other Somehow (RVNG Intl.) 2015 | Gilly Smyth, Time of Goddess – Mother (Charly Records) 1978 | Pauline Anna Strom, Energies – Trans Millenia Music (RVNG Intl.) 2017 | Luciano Cilio, Primo quadro della conoscenza - Dialoghi del presente (EMI) 1977

Curated by Marta Oliva | Voice over by Elena Braida and Marta Oliva | Production by Elena Braida | Words by Francesco Berra | Illustrated by Lorena Spurio | Graphic Design by MAY

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