28.02.2021 | LENGHT 1:06:35 

The fourth episode is inspired by “The Missing Eye”, a photo book by Mattia Parodi and Piergiorgio Sorgetti published by Witty Books (2021). The book holds their research around the photographic device and its visual projections which aren’t deduced from our immediate experience of reality but are the results of the combination of different cognitive paths in which all senses participate with sight. We put together a sound collage where the pioneers of electronic music and the hypnotic voice of Ginevra Shay are combined together to stimulate all the senses. The synthesizers elevate this episode into a realm of its own where we let ourselves guided by words about textures and citrus. An ode to dreams and memories.

Beatriz Ferreyra, Deux Dents Dehors (Persistence Of Sound) 2020 |  Umfang, Path (Technicolour) 2017 |  Pauline Anna Strom, Making Time (Rvng Intl.) 2021 | Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith & Suzanne Ciani, Closed Circuit (Rvng Intl.) 2016 | Raffaele Serra, Musiche per Immagine e per la Memoria (Ludi Sounds) ‎1991 | Carolina Eyck & Eversines, Reflections (Yeyeh) 2019 | Sarah Davachi & Ariel Kalma, Hack Sat Zoom (Black Sweat Records) 2019 | Laurie Spiegel - Drums (Unseen Worlds) 2019 | Patrick Cowley & Candida Royalle - Candida Cosmica (Dark Entries) 2016 | Vacuum Templi - La caduta e la fine del Viaggio (Weird Tapes Rekords) 2015 | The Entourage Music & Theatre Ensemble - Neptune Rising (Folkways Records) 1976

Curated by Marta Oliva and Elena Braida | Voice Over by Ginevra Shay | Production by Elena Braida | Graphic Design by MAY | Photographs by Mattia Parodi and Piergiorgio Sorgetti | Designed by Giovanni Murolo | Text by Ginevra Shay | Published by Witty Books

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© All images by Mattia Parodi and Piergiorgio Sorgetti, from “The missing eye” (Witty Books, 2021). Courtesy of the estate of the artist and Witty Books.